Board of Directors: Board of Directors by the General Assembly of Shareholders elected, the highest management body of the Company, have full authority on behalf of the company to decide all matters relating to the operation of the Company (except for matters under the jurisdiction of the General Assembly of shareholders). Current Board Corporation honeybees Dong Nai 05 members, a maximum term of each member is 5 years.


Board of Directors


Control Board: Control Board by the General Assembly of Shareholders elected, have the duty to check the reasonableness, in legal business operations and financial statements of the company. Current Control Board Corporation includes 03 members, each member is 5-year term. Control Board operate independently with the Board.

Director: Director of the Board shall be appointed director of the legal representative of the company have the duty to organize and manage all operating production and business activities everyday of the Company under the strategies and plans have been the Board and General Assembly of shareholders and responsible to the Board on the implementation of rights and obligations assigned. Assisting the Director is the Deputy Director, Deputy Director responsible to the Director assigned to the job, actively solve the work was authorized by the Director and assigned in accordance with policies of State and Charter of the company. Director has 5-year term.

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