Bee Wax




Worker bees produce this product to build the beehive. Composition of fatty acids and esters. The temperature 15 oC, the amount is separate from 0.95 to 0.87 g/cm3; melting temperature of 62-65 oC. The solid, yellow to dark brown. When secreting wax, first bee suck full of honey, after a one night, the wax glands under abdomen turn into bees wax and there are four pair of glands under the abdomen. When meeting the air, called wax scales. So this merger is the next leg of the bee to gather up the legs first and then put your mouth to mould until flexible for building beehive. According to chemical analysis, with normal conditions, to produce 1 kg of wax, honey bees have to use more than 3 kg honey and a small amount of pollen.

The medical and pharmaceutical, used as cover wax tablets, tape, a mixture of ointments, mold dentures. In industry, used in the manufacture of stationery, weaving, furniture, leather, food, cosmetics, waxes as light; the mechanical han used against rust.


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