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Seminar "Producing clean honey based on VIETGAP standards , in Dong Nai conditions"

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On December 7th, 2013 , the Company adopted in cooperation with Dongnai Beekeepers Association (DBA), organized a Seminar " Producing clean honey based on VIETGAP standards , in Dong Nai conditions" with the participation of more than 250 members in the "Clean Beekeepers Club , from Dong Nai , Binh Phuoc , Tien Giang , Vung Tau , Gia Lai , Dak Lak , ...

9:00 , Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - Director open the Seminar .

Mr. Trong is to thank the beekeepers reserve their times to attend the Seminar at the company , and the company was delighted to see that people are happy because winning season in honey crop 2012-2013.

Next, Mr Trong also outlined the basic concept of VIETGAP , and apply this in beekeeping and in Dong Nai conditions.

Mr. Mai Thanh Tung - Chairman of DBA , Deputy Director - stated the cause of contaminated honey .

1 . Bees for additional food of unknown origin during harvest season.

2 . Beekeepers harvest too much, make  bees weakness (no time for feeding) cause disease, eggs not to be larva, diarrhea , ...

3 . Carbendazim contanminated honey infected by drug farmers to use crop plants .

Mr. Tung invited a number of beekeepers have representative in 2013 to present their experiences .

" Mr. Phuoc presents how to creat the best condition in honey harvest process"

" Mr. Hung presents how to move apiary in the honey crop 2012 - 2013"

" Mr. Nam share his own experience in honey harvest process"

" One other important issues, beekeepers are limited in writting record in beekeeping . Recording handbook is extremely important in traceability. " Mr. Tung said.

" To solve the root of the problem of antibiotic residues in honey , Dong Nai beekeepers to create the strong condition in apiary, reasonable moving apiary and writting record in beekeeping." Mr Tung said.

In the process of feeding and harvest , beekeepers should be noted :

1 / Each honey crop need to move in order to maintain strong colonies .

2 / Feeding supplement powder , pollen throughout the extraction process to ensure no lacking of food .

Another problem in VIETGAP is ensuring food safety and hygiene in the apiaries : instruments, cans, drums containing honey, apiaries placement , ...

To create a more vibrant atmosphere , Mr Trong have questions with prizes for beekeepers .

" Why should we feed for bees when apiary move to harvest another honey source? " , " With 7-8 frames in each beeshive is better or  9-10 frames in each beeshive is better in harvest season? Why? "


Although the question is quite close, almost beekeeper knows but to explain the mechanism is not simply reasonable .

Next, Mr. Trong stated forecast of The international honey market in 2014 has many disadvantages .

For the European market : Although , from Vietnam 04/01/2013 Honey is back EU market ( after a long interruption for nearly 10 years ) . However, for export to this market is not simple , the technical barriers are quite strict .

For the US. market: We're influenced by Argentina and Brazil honey. Because Argentina and Brazil honey blocked in European markets ( due to problems GMO) should move to the U.S. market , making abundant supply in the United States . That will affect the price of honey of Vietnam.

" The company will make every effort to get the best price for honey beekeepers in the 2013-2014 " . Mr Trong stressed .

This year , although the company also faced many difficulties in exports due to technical barriers in the U.S., but also trying to extract from company profits to fund the organization 's activities in the club .

Mr. Le Van Nghe - Deputy Director of the Company through commend the organization of "Clean Beekeepers Club" and have certificates for the best beekeepers in the Year 2012-2013 .

Finally , the Board of Directors wish all beekeepers have good health and won in honey crop 2013-2014.

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