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Pollen is the male reproductive cells of plants and a food contains more protein, vitamins and mineral salts for honeybees. Honeybees flying to

 the flowers have more pollen (shy flower, ...

They fall flowers for pollen sticking to the body, they use four legs to roll into ball for the tow legs take to the second basket . When full basket, flying to nest. To harvest pollen, beekeepers put out the front of the grid, the bottom tray mounted chalk holder, when he went to work on the drainage network go through pollen, pollen in the second leg will fall to the tray. Bees pollen are normal humidity, the ingredients in pollens are very easy to fermentation, decomposition and damage. For long storage, distribution must be dried pollens harvested in the day.


Protein: very rich account for about 35%, most of them are easy to digest.

Hydratcarbon: pollen making up 40% of sugar, mainly glucose.

Vitamin: pollen is as concentrates of most vitamins like Vitamin C, B1, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K ...

Mineral: pollen rich in elements that as K, Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, ... and mineral salts.

Effects of Bee Pollen:

Pollen effect increase hemoglobin in the blood. Using pollen treat anemia, growth retardation, rickets and stimulate appetite in children.

Pollen effect in the treatment of colon inflammation and chronic constipation.

Pollen stimulates digestion, to taste, increase services and increase your work capacity. In addition, eye treatment due to lack of vitamin A. The pollen has Riboflavin, Vitamin retina need to work to alleviate eye fatigue and protection perspective.


Using 2 soup spoons before two meals and bedtime.


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Building a brand "APIDONA" in the domestically and internationally market. conducting export honey in a finished product.
Successful implementation of obligations to the Government.
Stability and improve the quality of life for the employees in enterprises.
Ensure dividend to Shareholders.
Always take care of the interests of Beekeepers in "Clean Beekeepers Club"

Business Strategies

Product quality is the key factor "Live Now" by Bees Industry Dong Nai, with Slogan "For your health".

the company tried to operate and mailtain the "Clean Beekeepers Club", evevtually the members of the Club to become shareholder of the company.


Since 1978, the organization a company in Dong Nai honey bee marked a new development beekeeping industry Dong Nai. Because, from here, in the province of Dong Nai has necessarily an enterprise specializing in production and business organization, investment, provision of equipment and materials, science and technology for beekeeping and processing products for export.