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Setting up honeybees sperm bank

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Scientists have devised an effective way of dealing with disorder of bees colony collapse : set up a sperm bank for them.


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Bees disappear as well as humans become extinct

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The diseases of cerena  bees can spread to the bumble-bee, wasp and insects that pollinate plants.

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attach tiny sensors to bees

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Thousands of bees in Australia will be attached the sensor by the scientists in order to track movement and prevent disease. According to Reuters, the small sensors which weigh about 5 mg and about 2.5 mm2 in size will be attached to bees after they sleep by cooling.

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Huấn luyện ong để chuyên phát hiện mìn

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Các nhà khoa học của Croatia đã phát triển một phương pháp huấn luyện ong mật để phát hiện mìn.

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Loài ong từng rơi vào đại tuyệt chủng

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Các nhà khoa học cho hay loài ong đã rơi vào cảnh tuyệt chủng cùng thời điểm loài khủng long biến mất do nhiều loài cây có hoa chết đi. Nhưng không như khủng long, loài ong đã có cú quay trở lại đầy ngoạn mục.

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Building a brand "APIDONA" in the domestically and internationally market. conducting export honey in a finished product.
Successful implementation of obligations to the Government.
Stability and improve the quality of life for the employees in enterprises.
Ensure dividend to Shareholders.
Always take care of the interests of Beekeepers in "Clean Beekeepers Club"

Business Strategies

Product quality is the key factor "Live Now" by Bees Industry Dong Nai, with Slogan "For your health".

the company tried to operate and mailtain the "Clean Beekeepers Club", evevtually the members of the Club to become shareholder of the company.


Since 1978, the organization a company in Dong Nai honey bee marked a new development beekeeping industry Dong Nai. Because, from here, in the province of Dong Nai has necessarily an enterprise specializing in production and business organization, investment, provision of equipment and materials, science and technology for beekeeping and processing products for export.