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Dong Nai Honey

Some interests about honeybees

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Để có 100 gram mật ong, một con Ong phải bay một quãng đường là 46.000 km, bằng với khoảng cách của 1 vòng trái đất!



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The main honey sources of Vietnam

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Vietnam has a tropical climate, many plants are suitable for confidential sources, such as Coffee, Cashew and Acacia, Malaleuca, Rubber, Rambutan, Longan, Litchi, ...



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Harvest technology and processing Pollen

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Hình Minh Họa

1. Chemical composition of pollen:

Pollen is the male reproductive cells of plants and a food contains more protein, vitamins and mineral salts for honeybees. Chemical composition of pollen include:

- Protein 10-25%, 30%, fat 4.5%, water <10%. Pollen contains approximately 21 amino acid, amino acids have no alternative, and some less common amino acids as homoxerin acid, gamma-aminodipic.

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Harvest technology and processing Honey

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Hình Minh Họa

1. Composition of honey, the criteria evaluate the quality of honey:

a) Definition:

Honey is a sweetener by the bees and insects live in a society built from the sweet nectar or service they get from living plants brought back, and then processed by the evaporation of water and the impact of enzymes they secreted. Usually bees screw cap containing holes was perfect.

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Harvest technology and processing Royal Jelly

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Hình Minh Họa

Royal jelly is secreted from worker bee line for almost The Queen and the larvae feed under age.

1. Physical-chemical properties and chemical composition of royal jelly:

Royal jelly is high viscosity, sticky, white or pale yellow, is located slightly acidic. Less soluble in water and milk were losing heat effects, susceptible to oxidation and light make the milk damaged. PH of royal jelly from 3.8 to 4.8. The composition of royal jelly, including:


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Building a brand "APIDONA" in the domestically and internationally market. conducting export honey in a finished product.
Successful implementation of obligations to the Government.
Stability and improve the quality of life for the employees in enterprises.
Ensure dividend to Shareholders.
Always take care of the interests of Beekeepers in "Clean Beekeepers Club"

Business Strategies

Product quality is the key factor "Live Now" by Bees Industry Dong Nai, with Slogan "For your health".

the company tried to operate and mailtain the "Clean Beekeepers Club", evevtually the members of the Club to become shareholder of the company.


Since 1978, the organization a company in Dong Nai honey bee marked a new development beekeeping industry Dong Nai. Because, from here, in the province of Dong Nai has necessarily an enterprise specializing in production and business organization, investment, provision of equipment and materials, science and technology for beekeeping and processing products for export.