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Acacia Mangium - New honey source in Vietnam

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In 2011, beekeepers have found a new source of honey in Central of Vietnam- Acacia tree (Acacia Mangium).

In 2011, beekeepers have found a new source of honey in Central of Vietnam- Acacia tree ( Acacia Mangium ) .

Acacia Mangium trees are planted on 300,000 hectares in Central , stretching from Phu Yen , Binh Dinh and Nghe An , Ha Tinh . Along the route Ho Chi Minh are Acacia.

According to Mr. Mai Thanh Tung - Chairman of Dong Nai beekeepers Association " The discovery of confidential sources is very important , more than 100,000 tons if fully exploited ; Addition, the original this little care , spraying should not have a problem with Carbendazim . In the situation of Carbendazim caused problems for beekeepers , with Acacia Mangium help beekeepers to reduce their risk " We can say this is the Organic source in Vietnam .

This year , the company has guided for more than 80 bee farmers have set up camp in the provinces such as Hue , Quang Tri , Nghe An , Ha Tinh , ... According to Mr. Trinh Van Phuoc - Member of " Clean Beekeepers Club " nearly 400 colonies located in Huong Tho and Huong Tra , Hue "The weather is quite favorable to collect honey , every 8-10 days to extract a round , with production about 2 tons - 2.3 tons . " By this time , the Company has purchased over 500 tons of Acacia honey, with good quality .

Acacia Mangium Trees extract honey at leaf , like the mechanism of rubber trees . Acacia Tree is about 3 years old, started to extract honey.

With years ago , harvesting honey time has interrupt , but with this new honey source, harvesting period to prolong all of year in Vietnam. After the rubber's second extract , beekeepers moving to harvest Acacia honey until August to September , and continued feeding and prepare for the old leaf rubber honey.

Hopefully , with this new honey source, production in Vietnam export will increase , not only above 20,000 tons which is 40000-50000 tons per year.

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US. Government was sued by Bees

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An alliance of beekeepers , conservationists and advocates food safety has sued U.S. government officials about allowing people to use pesticides can be harmful to bees .

An alliance of beekeepers , conservationists and advocates food safety has sued U.S. government officials about allowing people to use pesticides can be harmful to bees .

The number of bees in the U.S. and Europe are declining significantly over the past decade . Photo: crownbees.com .

" Our experts are assessing the impact of generation neonicotinoid pesticides as people were worried about their impact on bees . However , the evaluation process will not be finished before the year 2018 , " EPA said .
EPA declined to comment on the lawsuit , but said that they are urgently drafting new regulations to prevent the impact of pesticides on bees and other pollinating animals .
" Beekeepers in America can not survive long due to the pesticides that EPA allow the use . These are pesticides that kill our bees ," said Steve Ellis , a beekeeper in the state Minnesota and California , said .
It is possible that the European Union ( EU ) will ban pesticide use Neonicotinoid group after the Commissioner for Health is committed to enhancing the level of protection of bees .
"We have suggested many times EPA to protect bees . EPA has rejected our proposals so we had to sue them ," said Peter Jenkins , an attorney for the Center for Food Safety , said . Center for Food Safety of the coalition representing beekeepers , conservationists and those who protect food safety .
The plaintiff accused the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) does not protect insects - group of animals pollinate about three quarters of all food crops worldwide - from the effects of toxic chemicals in the drug group neonicotinoid insecticides , the Guardian reported.

[Source: http://www.vnexpress.net/]

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Ong "thy ma" bao vy M?

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Cc chuyn gia M? ln ti?ng c?nh bo v? s? xu?t hi?n ngy cng nhi?u Ong thy ma, lo?i ong nhi?m k sinh trng c th? ?e d?a ma mng v?n ph? thu?c vo s? th? ph?n c?a cn trng ny.

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??i s?ng c?a Ong B?p Cy

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Ht n??c trn ng?n c? khi ?ang bay, l?y m?t trn bng hoa l nh?ng ho?t ??ng m ong b?p cy th?c hi?n trong cu?c s?ng hng ngy.

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H?i th?o khoa h?c v? l?i ch ong m?t th? ph?n t?ng n?ng su?t cy tr?ng t?i Ti?n Giang

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Vi?t Nam ni chung v ??ng b?ng sng C?u Long (?BSCL) ni ring c truy?n th?ng nui v khai thc ong l?y m?t t? lu ??i. Ngh? nui ong ? tr? thnh m?t b? ph?n c?a n?n kinh t? nng nghi?p, cung c?p cho con ng??i nhi?u s?n ph?m c gi tr? nh?: m?t ong, ph?n hoa, s?a ong cha, sp ong

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