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Annual Opening New Year "Canh Dan 2010"

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As usual, on the 4th annual New Year, all the staff - Employees of the Company attended a meeting in New Year Canh Dan 2010.

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The 11th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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The 11th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders - Dong Nai Honey Bee Corporation are held on 30.1.2010 in Hall's company, with the participation of 56/70 shareholders, representatives 142.740/156.000 legal for shares, representing 91.5% of charter capital. Congress has to represent Mr. Tam Corporation Capital Investment and Mr. Huynh Huu Hue represents the Innovation Board and Nguyen Huu Danh represents the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Nai.


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Exhibition of Industry and trade – Build key economic in South region and The South East in 2009.

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 Exhibition 2009To introduce the achievements, the development of provinces in the fields of Construction, Industry, Trade, foreign investment results with the investment partners, the foreign and domestic enterprises and people; At the same time to the units, Business company introduce the potential strength of his international friends, promoters Vietnam, creating stimulus in activities to promote trade and investment, as well as promote Chapter the consumption of domestic, JSC International Trade Fair held AFC "Exhibition Industry and Trade - Build key economic South region and The South East" The complex in Physical Culture Sports Exercise Dong Nai province, including the participation of more than 500 booths. Exhibotion takes place from 26/11/2009 to 01/12/2009.

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Seminar on "Global Climate Change and The Adaptation"

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On 10.12.2009, more than 250 members of “Clean Bekkepers Club” focus on the company attended a seminar entitled "Global Climate Change and The Adaptation"9h15 ', Mr. Le Van Nghe - Deputy Director of the opening workshop. He heard cited the harmful effects of global climate change. Warming of the Earth in recent years has caused a series of implications for agricultural production, affecting water resources, health of people ... sea level rise, a series of regional coastal plain disappearing, infrastructure seriously affected.

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Building a brand "APIDONA" in the domestically and internationally market. conducting export honey in a finished product.
Successful implementation of obligations to the Government.
Stability and improve the quality of life for the employees in enterprises.
Ensure dividend to Shareholders.
Always take care of the interests of Beekeepers in "Clean Beekeepers Club"

Business Strategies

Product quality is the key factor "Live Now" by Bees Industry Dong Nai, with Slogan "For your health".

the company tried to operate and mailtain the "Clean Beekeepers Club", evevtually the members of the Club to become shareholder of the company.


Since 1978, the organization a company in Dong Nai honey bee marked a new development beekeeping industry Dong Nai. Because, from here, in the province of Dong Nai has necessarily an enterprise specializing in production and business organization, investment, provision of equipment and materials, science and technology for beekeeping and processing products for export.