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Seminar "The materials area and step flowers"

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On December 12, 2014 DongNai Honeybee Corp in cooperation with DongNai Beekeepers Association organized a Seminar “ The materials area and step flowers” with the paticipation of more than 475 members in the club, from the provinces: DongNai, Binh Phuoc, Tien Giang, Vung Tau, Gia Lai, Dak Lak…

At 9:00 AM, Mr Phan Dinh Trong - Director of Company opened Congress.

Mr Trong thanks  beekeepers who came to the congress and supported company during past time. Company is very pleased to see everybody joyfull due to a bumper  2013-2014 crop with good prices.

Next, Mr Mai Thanh Tung - Chairman of DongNai Beekeepers Association, Vice-Director of Company presented the main reasons contributing to  significant increase in the honey production in recent years, although we had to face with the dificulties in testing, strict quality supervision by Agency of USA. In addition, in the congress, he also proposed policy for how the beekeepers can collect all sources of honey at present.

1. Move the bee colony to follow source of flower reasonably.

2. Maintain the bee colony’s continuing strength. In the process of collecting honey, beekeepers need to add the food source (pollen, synthetic flour …); move sensibly beehives dependent on honey crop to feed and collect.

3. Please ask permission of local authorities where place bees.

Specially, Mr Tung emphasized on improving the quality of products to gain standards of VSATTP. Beekeepers should be aware of abiding by rules and regulations, applying proper processes of controlling beehives. Finally, beekeepers must be aware that honey is a natural products that people use directly without processing. Thus, it is necessary to create high quality products and maintain its nature in order to hold the market and contribute to hold trade “DongNai Honey”

Mr Tung invited Mr Minh to present the experience of moving  to attack  honey in  2013-2014 crop.

Then, Mr. Trong forecasted  the World honey market in 2015.

“In 2015, World continues to be short of honey, which makes  price increase”. Mr Trong considered. In 2014, Vietnam exported more than 43,000 tons of honey, nearly  double in comparison with 2009 ( 23,000 tons). With this growth, the next 5-10 years, Vietnam will become the largest exporter of honey in the world. "The company will make effort to get the best price for beekeeper in the 2014-2015 crop". Mr Trong emphasized.

This year, although the company also faced many difficulties in exporting,  unfair competition from rivals in buying honey, but also trying to extract profits from the company to fund the activities held in the club.

Mr. Le Van Nghe - Deputy Director of the Company claimed the reward for groups of the club "clean-bee-keeping people" and a certificate of merit for typical beekeepers in the  2013- 2014 honey crop.


Finally, the Board of Directors of the Company wish beekeepers good health and a successful 2014-2015 honey crop.

Seminar finished at 11:oo AM.

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