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Seminar "Solution to improve quality of honey in current conditions"

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To sumary a year of "Clean Beekeepers Club" activities  , as well as updating the latest information about quality requirements , World markets , price trends for the coming year - in 2013 for the members . On 07th Dec.2012 , the Company adopted in collaboration with the Dong Nai Beekeepers Association , organized a Seminar " Solutions improve the quality of honey in current conditions " , with the participation of more than 250 members in the club .


Members of "Clean beekeepers Club" register


At present, the time is for feeding, but also beekeepers try to arrange to attend the workshop . And also in the end of the year , the company has donated calendars and shirts for the club members .



As members of the focus groups in several provinces such as Dong Nai , Binh Duong , Binh Phuoc , Vung Tau , Lam Dong , Tien Giang , Dak Lak , Gia Lai , ... seminar should start slightly late . 9:30' , Mr Phan Dinh Trong - Director open the Seminar.


Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - open the Seminar


In 2011-2012, beekeepers across the country have a major impact from the 2 storms: One storm affect to  material areas, another storm Carbendazim make beekeepers so difficult to find areas without Carbendazim . " Mr. Trong similes .


Mr. Trong speech at Seminar

Also at the seminar , Mr Trong represent for Board of Directors , he apologized for the beekeepers in the past honey crop , the company was passive in Carbendazim problems, make beekeepers face many difficulties in purchasing sale and find areas to place bees.



Back to contents of the workshop , Mr. Mai Thanh Tung - Vice Director of the Company , Chairman of DBA status the current quality honey : honey quality of Vietnam in general and in particular in Dong Nai , having a lot of risk from the problems objectively and subjectively

Objectively: farmers have the habit of prevention and treatment of plant diseases seriously affect the quality of honey as used in the treatment of fungal Carbedazim blush on cashew and rubber - This is the second major source of honey , accounting for about 40 % of total services output . Besides , they also use some pesticides contaminating pollen , water farms where bees make honey severely impaired .
Subjectively: beekeepers in some regions has the habit of using antibiotics such as Streptomycin , Chloramphenicol , Flouroquinolone of larval therapy rot , diarrhea , food poisoning , naked nymphs , Varroa . .. especially in the Central Highlands huge impact on the quality of honey products .


To create an atmosphere of openness and communication experience , Mr. Tung invited some beekeepers to present the experience to help improve the quality of honey in the current conditions .


Mr. Le Van Nam - Group 9 Leader


Mr. Nam share , do not use any antibiotics to treat the bees . " As my own experience , always keep your bees strong . I mix lemon with salt spray on bees bees help increase resistance , have healthy bees will overcome any illness . " Mr Nam said .

Mrs. Luong Thi Nguyet - Group 1 Leader

Mrs. Nguyet suggested in new honey crop , the Director Broad should research, surveyed the area not infected Carbendazim to advise beekeepers , avoid contaminated honey that nobody is buying , cause problems for beekeepers .


Mr. Phan Minh Tuan - Group 6 Leader

"To improve the quality of honey, we need 2 cleaning. Cleaning 1: beekeepers do not use antibiotics , obtained pure honey . Cleaning 2 : ensure food hygiene and safety in beekeeping " . Mr. Tuan said.



Mr. Tung summary

Mr. Tung have summary , in order to ensure quality of honey, we need :

1 . When bees get sick , the company should report immediately to the appropriate medical treatment.

2 . Focus on areas not infected.

3 . When the first extraction , should report immediately to the company to take sample , test quickly and promptly remedied if infected .

4 . No mixed infection honey to good honey , especially selling honey from the others .


Attending the seminar were Mr. Nguyen Quang Tan - PhD of Beekeeping - Lecturer of University of Agriculture and Forestry . HCM also share experience in bees.



Mr. Le Van Nghe - Deputy Director of the company through the reward for the "Clean Beekeepers Club" .



This year , although the company also faced many difficulties in exports due to technical barriers Carbendazim U.S. , but also to extract from company profits to fund the activities of the organization of the club.



Finally , the Board of Directors of the Company beekeepers wish good health , new security services to win 2012-2013 .



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