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9 types of food incompatible with honey

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Honey is very good for health but can also do you harm if taken in the wrong way

Honey is both food and medicine. It has a lot of beneficial effects on  human health. However, when combined with some kinds of food, it can poison body, resulting in many unfortunate cases. The following are the foods that should be avoided when using honey:

1. Carp

If housewives combine these two things together, it would make people suffer from poisoning. In this case, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify.

2. Rice

It sounds very confusing because rice has inherently delicate and fresh flavour we still eat every day and so is honey . But the truth, honey and rice can make your stomach hurt.

3.Soy milk

Soya curd has usually gypsum and the honey has sugar. If these two components  are  blended together,this mixture will curdle, then freeze in the stomach and as a result of this , it causes difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and coma. Especially, if people have had cardiovascular disease, they are likely to be at death’s door much sooner.

4. Boiling water

Honey has high content of enzyme, vitamins and minerals. If mixed with boiling water,  it will unlikely to not only maintain the color, natural flavor, but also alter/change the nutritional composition of honey. The best water temperature to blend with honey is 35 ° C.

5. Shallot

According to folk, children who have  cough are often given drink of honey stirred into water from boiled shallot. But the reality turns out to be different, it only works effectively if the baby's digestive system is relatively stable. Shallot has abundant level of vitamin C, however, if combined with honey, it can cause diarrhea.

6. Fennel

Combining these two things together can bring about liver damage and sore red eyes.

7. Crabs

Crab is characterized by cold, if you eat crab after drinking honey will cause intestinal irritation,  diarrhea prone and even poison.

8. Carp

Carp with honey do not stand each other because eating carp with honey will make heavy metal poisoning,  and lead to very serious consequences.

9. Onion

Onion combined with honey in dishes can also cause diarrhea.  Because of honey’s heat effect, that onion’s substances are combined with organic acids and enzymes in the honey will trigger  chemical reaction, produce toxins and stimulate the digestive organ/system, which results in causing bloating,…..

Source: Vietbao.vn

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