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Lose weight with lemon and honey

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Why does honey and lemon help us  lose weight effectively?

Honey contains very low level of energy, with 100g honey we take only 294 calories in the body. Whether you drink 200g a day, the heat absorbed into the body and not too 600 calories, compared with the normal amount of calories the body is still very far distance. Therefore, although honey tastes "sweet" but  helps us lose weight effectively.

Many researchers have confirmed  that lemon fantastic weight loss effects as more citric acid in lemon and a little lemon juice can also improve digestion and reduce the impact of diet on blood sugar . Drinking a cup of warm water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and one honey spoon in the morning is the key to reduce weight and this method has been widely applied. Lemon helps the body remove toxins, cleanse, and against the volume of water in the body. Honey can help the digestive system work more efficiently and thus it will help you gain your weight most effectively .

Anytime you can also drink a glass of water with two slices of lemon into it. To lose weight with lemon honey better, make sure you have a cup of lemon water 3 times / day or any time you feel thirsty. If every day you can drink at least 1.5 liters of water with a little lemon juice, then your weight loss will become easier.

Drink honey with lemon juice in a scientific way

Do not drink lemon with too much honey, as this will cause your blood pressure to rise and cause a negative impact on our health.

Do not drink water with  so sour lemon. This is understandable because in the morning your stomach does not have anything and if you drink a glass of sour water at this time, you will lead to the increase in the level of acidity higher. If this happens regularly ,  it will result in stomach ulcers.

Lemon juice and honey should be mixed with warm water, not be mixed with freezing or boiling water. Do not drink too much at the same time but just small sips to help clean the intestines.

If you drink lemon with honey reasonably, you will have good health and beautiful skin as your expectation.

According to Phunutoday.

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