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Strange competition compare bees weight on body

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Maybe you will think that each contestant will be stung, but they are trying to see who can attract more bees to landing on body.

With tens of thousands of bees on the body, the participants may be uncomfortable and itchy but they still decide to deal with suffering.

At this farm, the annual competition takes place among the brave contestants. They have suffered for thousands of bees landing on them. This is the 9th competition until now. Each contestant is usually landed on by around from 13,000 to 16,000 bees.

To attract bees, each contestant has one queen bee and  its odor will attract other bees. Bees are specially taken care of before the competition takes place to prevent them from attacking contestants.

To know who is winer, contestants will be weighed before and after being landed on by bees, judges comment on the basis of shape of section on which bees land and comment /remark of audiences.

Competition interests a  large number of people, from middle-aged ones to university students in taking part in. This year the winer is Justin Hiemstra with the greatest bees weight. Marenda Schipper, a female contestant, is awarded a prize for winning the most vote in the competition this year.

Phạm Hải (According to Daily Mail)

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