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Setting up honeybees sperm bank

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Scientists have devised an effective way of dealing with disorder of bees colony collapse : set up a sperm bank for them.


Honeybees in the world is in a difficult situation, due to the large amount of pesticides abused that destroy their bodies, as well as have to deal with a form of the parasite which prevent the development of the young bees.

And yet, living among human cultures that have limited diversity of their nutrient.

Consequently, they are falling into colony collapse disorder, only the phenomenon of worker bees suddenly disappearing pushes both colony into the tragic end and threatens the natural pollination cycle in agriculture.

Researchers at the University of Washington (USA) has found a way to resolve this issue, in form of diverifying the genetic warehouse of the honeybees in the United States.

The Atlantic Wire quoted Susan Cobey expert explains that the bees semen still keeps fresh from 10 to 14 days in normal temperature conditions in a closed room. We will be bring to the laboratory to frozen or injected into the fallopian tubes of selected queens.

Earlier, the semen will be collected from the best and strongest bees in Europe, and then pumped into the most powerful queens warehouse in the U.S., which strengthen and diversify the bees in the United States.

Questions about how can store genetic material of the honeybees for many years, experts discovered liquid nitrogen can do this.

Source: khoahoc.com.vn

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