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Bees disappear as well as humans become extinct

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The diseases of cerena  bees can spread to the bumble-bee, wasp and insects that pollinate plants.


This is the conclusion of British scientists. In the United States, last ten years, 90% of wild bees and domesticated bees were died, in the UK the figure is over 50%. A mass of their death was recorded in Europe and other regions in the world. Experts warned that this practice caused serious concerns about the normal operation of terrestrial ecosystems and can exacerbate the food crisis begining to take place.

Bees are in danger of extinction. Billions of insects that supply honey in the world were died, which left fields and orchards were not pollinated for mankind. According to recent reports, because of a mass of bee’s death, fruit production in the United States decreased strongly, especially apples and almonds.

Each spring, in most the pandemic section, the owner of garden have to take bees from other places, or import from abroad. That does not help much - most of the migratory bees will be died in the coming season. Moreover, there is a risk that the transport will spread disease. In particular, in 1998, the first in U.S., people noted some cases of bee’s family was infected with beetles. Previously, this disease only in South Africa. When entering the U.S, beetles became a real disaster for beekeepers. Chairman of the Russia National Beekeeping Union, Arnold Butov said:

Beetles ate  not only bees, but also everything like honeycomb, wood frame, honey and other things. The worst thing was that it can be spread not only  beekeeping products or bee itself, but also tables and chairs and other furniture. "


Currently, Mexico is in a panic: The local experts can not stop the spread of this disease. In Australia, after one year, beetle from Sydney has spreaded throughout the country.

A major problem is ticks and flies. They enter into the body of the bee and eat from the inside of intestines to outside. As a result, bees are weakened that will born disabled bees, which make them lose ability to navigate in space and eventually they will die as starvation. Escape from this disaster is impossible. Destroying the hive, choosing  healthy bees and changing  position of stables, apiary can only hope for good luck. Bees themselves  do not have the ability to fight parasites and viruses. Mr. Anatoly Kochetov, Ph.D. Agricultural Sciences, the beekeeper confirmed that, human life has seriously affected the viability of the bees. Mr Kochetov said:

"Like humans, bees will get sick if they have an unhealthy lifestyle and make a mistakes in diet. When we domesticated bees and tried to get more bee products: honey, royal jelly, pollen, beeswax, bee venom ... , we all forgot that bees have ever lived in natural  50 million years ago. At that time, they  took care of everything themselves. And now we domesticate them, make them to forget instinct. Hence they get sick. Add,  with the expansion of mobile phone networks, it loaded waves lines to break ecosystem. All these had negative effects on bees".

Source: khoahoc.com.vn


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