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Harvest technology and processing Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly is secreted from worker bee line for almost The Queen and the larvae feed under age.

1. Physical-chemical properties and chemical composition of royal jelly:

Royal jelly is high viscosity, sticky, white or pale yellow, is located slightly acidic. Less soluble in water and milk were losing heat effects, susceptible to oxidation and light make the milk damaged. PH of royal jelly from 3.8 to 4.8. The composition of royal jelly, including:

 - 26.2% protein.
 - 10-17% line types: glucose, fructova sacaro.
 - 5.5% fat
 - 1 -2% minerals, about 62.4% water and 1.9% acid-hydro-10 dexenic.

Royal jelly has 18 amino acids that have amino acids essential for the body. Royal jelly is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, E, PP, H. In the dairy princess has many as oxydaza, cholinesteraza, photphataza, lipaza, diastaza, yeast metabolic amino ... Royal jelly also contains organic acids (acid 10-hydro-2-dexenic), and other elements that elements necessary for the body.

2. Harvesting and preserving royal jelly:

Exploitation of royal jelly was conducted in the growing season and the strong season  are rich sources of pollen. For farming bees can exploit the province throughout the year.

Exploitation of Royal Jelly is conducted as to create artificial Queen. Beehives are transferred to the powder source plentiful, more powerful men choose young bees aged lactation, the bee food supplement and carry the same mobile. First people on the partition separating the princess to take men feel that raising the latex Queen artificial bee larvae were mobile on. Apr Milk exploit scale as well as Queen, but double the number of latex (about 32 pustules per month). Depending on the ability of each breeding forums we can put one or three months. Selected larvae from 12 -18 hours old to move now.

After traveling about 72 hours the same month we get out of mining, pendulous bees and bring out into the room. Scale set on the table, turning to the wax over your mouth for cutting the iron-containing latex with latex plastic mouth then use panh having larvae then use the same needle di sucking the milk out. For 1 kg of milk in plastic bags left scale latex lord continue to travel the same to feed. A common man can harness about 2-3 kg in a royal jelly. Complete exploitation of filtered milk in fine cloth to remove wax chips, then the larvae to the freezer for cold storage.

Royal jelly is stored at temperatures from 0-5oC for immediate use. If you want to preserve the need for longer at temperatures below 0oC.

3. The use of royal jelly:

Royal jelly is the most valuable products in the industry because many bees affects growth and healing for people.

Treatment of malnourished children, increase brain activity and muscle for the elderly, increased resistance to diseases.

Royal jelly effect regulate blood pressure, reduce blood pressure for people with high blood pressure and hypertension for people with low blood pressure.

Royal jelly-conditioning system and reproductive endocrinology, like encouraging the growth and reproduction of cells, affects the adrenal birthplace of many men and endocrine substances important.

Antibiotic: Royal jelly inhibits many types of bacteria and mold due to the high 10 - hydrogen-dexenic.

Royal jelly works good for rheumatism, infectious hepatitis and debilitating neurological disease.

Royal jelly is also used to manufacture a variety of cell body lotion because rich nutrients, medicines, vitamins including Pantothenic acid is important in effect replicate cells.

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