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Congress of Dongnai Beekeepers Association Term IV (2011 - 2016)

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To review the operation of the Dong Nai beekeepers Term III (2005-2011), and the direction of the activities in the near future, the Executive Committee of Dong Nai Beekeepers Association has conducted the Congress Term IV (2011 - 2016) on 30/09/2011 in Hall Company.

Congress was attended by Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Beekeepers Association, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Lan - President of Union of Provincial Science and Technology; Mr. Nguyen Ich La - Chairman of Lam Dong Beekeepers Association; Mr. Nguyen Tan Thanh - Chairman of Tien Giang Beekeepers Association, with 61 delegates are beekeepers in the province.




Mr. Le Van Nghe opening of the Congress.



Mr. Mai Thanh Tung reports review the operation of the Dong Nai Beekeepers Association Term III (2005 - 2011); And through task orientation period 2011-2016.




Mrs. Doan Thi Anh Tuyet read the review of Executive Board of Dong Nai Beekeepers Association  Term III (2005 - 2011)




Mr. Vu Van Doc - Leader Group 12 of "Clean beekeepers Club" presentation "Household beekeeper Gia Canh".


Mr. Vu Van Doc - Leader Group 12 of "Clean beekeepers Club" presentation "Household beekeeper Gia Canh".


Mr. Phan Minh Tuan, Leader Group 6 of "Clean beekeepers Club" presentation "The Operation of beekeeping in Long Khanh".




New Executive Committee consists of 11 members are introduced in the Congress.



Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Beekeepers Association said the guidance:


- Beekeeping is the attention of authorities in recent times.

 - Taking measures to prevent transhipment  of China honey to Vietnam.

 - Dongnai Beekeepers Association need to closely coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to put honey Vietnam back into the Europe market.

 - Safety and hygiene are fundamental to the development of beekeeping, honey and Business Association.
 - The bee of interest, strengthen and develop "Clean Beekeepers Club".


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Lan - Chairman Scientific Union of Dong Nai province to express opinions:



 - Appreciate the dedication of the Executive Committee of Dongnai Beekeepers Association in the industry of the province.

 - Alignment between the Union and the Association for mutual development and success in the new period.

 - To consolidate the work of the Association, members increasingly quality enhancement.
 - To organize the scientific research project on bee industry.

Mr. Nghe is through a decision of Union Rewards Science and Technology of Dong Nai Province, including one group and five individuals.



The Congress finish at 11h30'.


The Other informations:


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