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Workshop on honeybee breeding with Apis Mellifera

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Bee breeding is very important for beekeepers direct effect on honey productivity. With the support of the Vietnam Beekeepers Association - VBA, Dong Nai Honeybee Corp. organized a workshop on honeybees breeding with Apis mellifera in Hall Company in 02 days, from 08 - 09/10/2011.



Workshop with the participation of Prof. Otis Grad - Project Director, University of Guelph, Canada. And Mr. and Mrs. Tom, Suki Glenn - honeybee expert, Glenn Apiaries, the United States. Prof. Dinh Quyet Tam - Chairman of Vietnam Beekeepers Association, Vietnam Bee Research and Development Center. With more than 70 members of the honey exports companies also attended the workshop.




Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Beekeepers Association - Opening the workshop.




Prof. Otis Grad - Presentation on the importance of bee breeding.




Choose the same bee not only be required to create high-quality Queens, but also related to many higher requirements. The breeder must carefully select the colonies had the desired properties. Then, to achieve success, they have to choose brones mate with the Queen.This sounds simple but as long as the biological properties of honey make this more complicated than breeding other species. The basic difference is the phenomenon of inbreeding reduces the growth of colonies; Queen bees mate with multiple males, it is difficult to control the origin of the parents of the next generation bees except the queen is fertilized man-made.



Mr. Tom - presents how to select colonies similar to a parent.
The properties to be inspected to choose the best to keep:
1. Aggressive characteristics.
2. Honey Production.
3. Status larvae.
4. Disease Defense.
5. The ability of the cleaning of bees.


Mrs. Suki - presentation on the process of ordering, filing, packing shipping to customers purchasing in U.S.

 On 09/10/2011, the delegation come to apiary of Mr. Nguyen Son Lam in Tan Lap commune, Trang Bom, Dong Nai to conduct training on bees.

With the guidance of Mr. Otis, Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Suki together experts of Vietnam Bee Research and Development Center, the group was taken seriously and done well.




The workshop provides beekeepers useful knowledge about breeding bees, as well as how to manage bees. Hope that with that informations, beekeepers in Vietnam in general and Dong Nai beekeepers in particular will have good bees, contributing to improve honey productivity  in the future.


The Other informations:


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