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The 12th Annual General Meeting of Shareholder in 2011

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The 12th Annual General Meeting of Shareholder in 2011of Dongnai Honeybee Corporation are held on 26th January 2011 in Hall, with the participation of 52/69 shareholders, legal representatives for 109.000/156.000 shares, representing 70% of the capital.








Before beginning the meeting, Mr. Phan Dinh Trong - President - presents the General Assembly postponed of SCIC. After explaining to shareholders, Mr Trong consult shareholders and shareholders are 100% endorsed the Congress organization.


Mr. Le Van Nghe - Board Member - started celebrating the General Assembly.

Mr. Trong to report production and business results in 2010. Dong Nai beekeepers winning season with the average yield was more than 5kg/comb, creating excitement for psychological beekeepers after nearly two years of consecutive lost season. But for companies, in the past year was a hard and strenuous years before the rigorous testing of U.S. Customs and FDA. But until this point everything was fine. "Over the difficults as it fell more human, more mature in life and in business," Mr. Trong said.

Results achieved in production and sales in 2010:

   - Honey: 3,400 tons.
- Beeswax: 89 tons.
  - Royal jelly: 710 kg.
   - Bee's food: 112 tons.
   - The average income of employees: 8.100.000VND/month.
   - Income shares: 47%.  

In addition, to improve hygiene and food safety, the beginning of 2010, the Company began applying the system hazard analysis and critical control points - HACCP in all activities of bee products processing. Spent nine months, under the advice of experts QSA - HACCP system to date the Company has efficiency. October 22, 2010, the Company has been granted HACCP certification by the General Department for Standards and Quality Vietnam. This is achieved initial results for the company to continue efforts to maintain and improve the management system to further improve product quality in business.


Following the program, Ms. Cao Thi Cuc - Supervisory Committee - Examination Report Financial Review in 2010. Overall, production and business activities in 2010 exceeded the resolutions set out in the criteria. Compared with 2009, the production target of honey, beeswax, sales, exports, budget, per capita income is in excess of 20% - 60%.

Mr. Trong presents planned production and sales in 2011. In 2011, we are faced with 3,000 tons of dust honey, are not eligible for export exist in the repository of some exporters. Force us to be more cautious in the purchase process, especially in the context: The U.S. market is unique of Vietnam honey and the U.S. Customs and FDA are put honey on the Dong Nai province to rise up quality.  Therefore, production planning and sales in 2011 was built on the basis of: Be careful, control and check strictky honey in and out.

Planning and production business in 2011:
   - Honey: 3,000 tons.
   - Beeswax: 100 tons.
   - Royal jelly: 500 kgs.
   - Bee's food: 400 tons.
   - Pollen: 05 tons.
   - The average income of employees: 7.000.000VND/month.
   - Income shares: 32%.  

In addition, strengthening human resources and finances to build an analysis of current needs.

Finally, Mr. Mai Thanh Tung - Vice President - passed Resolution Shareholders 12th 2011.


Shareholders attending 100% agree with the criteria outlined. General AssemblyResolution adopted on the same day at 11h00.



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