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Ceremony Commended "Learning Good - Living Good" 2010

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The Hall MARD UnionIn order to praise and encourage staff children in positive efforts in education, ethics training, seminars with the family, parent, grandparent, teacher civility, honesty and commensurate with your friends worthy is the good, good game. At the same time, through ceremony commended "Learning Good - Living Good" to raise the responsibility of parents to staff in good parenting, good games to contribute to the formation of good citizens for society .

Enhance the role of Labor unions for the protection, care and education of children, contributing to the implementation of education and younger generations of the Party, Government, create unity, consensus, support each other employees.


With the leadership of the Labor Union of Dong Nai province, MARD Union Ceremony commend the staff "Learning Good - Living Good" in 2010 in Hall DARD.


With the selection criteria is quite strict as:
 - The study well: good students in school until the end of each year level.
 - The good life: The family: a will to overcome difficulties, actively strive to learn good, piety with grandparents, family and helping people around. With the school: teacher polite, have good relationships with friends, help you with learning progress. Society: the team members - Group members actively participate in social activities in the classroom, school, perform duties of citizens at the residence. 
  - Consider staff achievements parents are achieving advanced labor and family recognized a family culture. 


With the above criteria, the Company and is considered the only one I meet, I Tran Thuy Hoang Lan - Daughter of Mr. Tran Duy Huong (Head of Manufacturing Management).



 Tran Thuy Hoang Lan have learned grade 9, Hoang Lan will achieve a good student in junior school. And in the entrance exams to grade 10 recently, Hoang Lan pass in grade 10 Tran Bien school - one is the best in  Bien Hoa city.

Hoang Lan with 71 your - Child of Labour staff in industry-honored to be honored in the ceremony commended "Learning Good - Living Good" in 2010 on 04.08.2010 in Hall DARD.


 "The gift of the Labor Union is not large, but have significant emotional and encourage the children trying to learn it well, wise sage, who tomorrow becomes useful to society", a parent said.

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